BOOM – it was meant to be! Carmen, Kirstin and Flo met over 10 years ago as PhD students in a research project. Even though we were all young researchers at different locations, we became friends and have been ever since. A lot of brain power, beer and travel on the way, our professional paths got more specific, our travel adventures more adventurous, families grew, we met our friends Iñigo and Anika (more travels and beer) and it all condensed to a super power – The programming physicists, pals & rebels – P³R!

Dr. Carmen Köhler

CEO & Founder

Carmen’s education is adventurous and covers a diploma in maths, a PhD in physics as well as analog astronaut training and a journeyman’s certificate as a hair dresser. Her programming skills cover several languages and she is very experienced in working with renewable energy and space-related education projects. Her enthusiasm drives this company, turns every work meeting to fun and has inspired a wide range of audiences!


Dr. KirstIn Kober

CTO & Wonderwoman

Kirstin is a theoretical meteorologist with a PhD in physics. She is familiar with all kinds of methods to consider and analyze uncertainty in numerical weather prediction models. As assistant professor she gained experience in teaching, supervising, project management and juggling of all these demands next to her scientific work. Her strategic mind and eye for details refocus P³R when we all get too excited about our topics and possible innovations.


Dr. Florian HaRnisch

Senior Data Scientist & Mastermind

Flo has a diploma in meteorology and a PhD in physics. He gathered lots of experience in working with lidar, radar and satellite data, focusing on their use in numerical weather prediction models. With these methods he also explored the always exciting world of data science outside of meteorology. His sharp mind and reliable extraction of essentials is mind blowing and always worth an after work beer!

Anika Mehlis

Consultant & Business Magnet

Anika has a diploma in engineering of environmental technology as well as in biology and soon a PhD in public health. Also, she’s an analog astronaut and is currently training for her next Mars simulation mission. She loves to explore the unknown and her thirst for knowledge has pointed P³R to exciting new areas. Her creative mind sees connections!

Iñigo Muñoz Elorza

Consultant & from another Planet

Iñigo holds masters both in astrophysics and aerospace engineering. He explores Mars from our home planet as analog astronaut and is a former astronaut instructor. He feeds P³R with his seemingly unlimited knowledge about anything mankind or nature created and is cruising around the sun. His views on phenomena and challenges are a game changer!


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