We are an interdisciplinary multi-planetary team and that is reflected within our multi-facetted portfolio. Let us know, what you are interested in and we will be happy to provide more information.

Weather Data

We have a deep understanding of weather data. This includes data of numerical weather prediction and climate models as well as remote sensing data sets like satellite, radar and lidar observations. We have used this data for nowcasting and data assimilation methods, and worked on model verification and visual and statistical analysis of model output.

Data Science

Weather data often exhibit properties of Big Data, and we have analyzed different kinds of heterogeneous data sets. We have processed this data, performed visual and statistical data analysis, and applied data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence methods. Whether it is the inherent physical uncertainty of a chaotic system, the unavoidable numerical uncertainty, or the variability of observations, we know how to deal with data and its uncertainty.


We have a vast experience in various aspects of atmospheric physics and are happy to advice you. May it be in scientific proposals, interpretation and potential of weather data, or education of your employees.

Renewable ENergy

We are experienced in modeling solar radiation and wind as well as consulting stake holders. Whether data is needed for photovoltaic devices or expertise for new solar panels, we’ve got it!

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